Welcome to Year 4 ~ Croeso i Flwyddyn 4

Year 4 is taught by Mrs J Box.  T.A. support is provided by Mrs T Brown and Mrs A Ward. 

We can’t believe we are in the Summer term already!  We have a busy time ahead with National tests, Sports Day and trips planned.  Below you will find a summary of this term’s topics.  Please ensure you child has full P.E. kit (including trainers) in school and brings a drinks bottle each day containing water only.  We continue to operate a healthy tuck shop at break time (20p per day).

If you would like to discuss any issues, we can be contacted by e-mail on - BoxJ2@hwbmail.net or make an appointment at the school office.  


ICT -  Coding

  • Independently write a series of linear instructions to direct a virtual character to a destination, which involves loops or procedures.
  • Using Simplified programming.
  • Debug code to identify errors.
  • Using example code, create a character or text that changes over time.

 Using programs: Lightbot App, J2Code and 2Code.




  • Counts in 6s, 25s, 50s & 250s
  • Count forwards & backwards from any 3-digit number
  • Find 1/10 of whole numbers by dividing by 10
  • Compare & estimate with numbers up to 1000
  • Consolidate complements of 100, £10 and 1
  • Identify numbers that are multiples of 50 and 100
  • Recognise connections between fractions
  • Multiply a 3 digit number by a single digit number using the grid method
  • Check answers using inverse operations
  • Use mental methods to add and subtract total beyond £10
  • Practise mental & written methods to solve addition and subtraction problems including multi-step problems
  • Making nets of 3d shapes
  • Taking temperatures readings and interpreting data
  • Representing data through graphs, tables, pictograms, Venn and Carroll diagrams.  Extracting information from these sources
  • Using calendars


  • Guided Group Reading
  • Weekly spellings to learn
  • High Frequency Words


FictionStories that raise issues – The Iron Man  By Ted Hughes or Suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson

Non-FictionBiography, Formal letters, Persuasive texts.

Poetry – Poetry in different forms: cinquain, couplets, lists, thin poems, alphabets, elegies & epitaphs.

Science:  Third Rock from the Sun

Children learn about:

  • Distinguish between living & non-living things
  • Research & sort natural and manmade materials
  • Research different rocks & fossils
  • Investigate which rocks are hardest and softest
  • Investigate how absorbent rocks are
  • Sort pebbles, stones, gravel & sand
  • Test different soils for absorbency
  • Investigate the proportion of sand to water to build the best sandcastle!


  • To read Welsh books during Guided Group Reading sessions as well as independently, and show understanding by discussion.
  • To ask and answer questions about pets
  • To learn about the legend Cantre’r Gwaelod.
  • To talk and write about holidays.
  • Persuade someone to visit your town or a holiday destination
  • Write about self and others.

Cornerstones:  Travel Agents

This project has a geography focus and teaches children about tourism and the impact this can have on people and places. Children learn how to write adverts and develop additional skills in the use of persuasive and descriptive language.  Children will also research information about destinations, learn about the climate, geographical features and location of a number of holiday destinations, what life is like for people who live in other countries and how this might contrast with the experiences of a tourist, locate places on a map, atlases and globes, calculate distances between destinations and their homes, learn how to plan visits and work out costs.